We know that age is just a number but,


Crafting Our First Whisky

Crafting a single malt whisky is something that is both very simple and very complicated.  On the one hand ultimately you just put spirit into a barrel and wait and whisky will come out the other end.  On the other hand, every decision you make from the kilning of the malt to the strength of […]…Read more

French Oak vs. American Oak: Fries vs. Baguettes or is there more to it?

Last time in Crafting the Cask – Coopering from Tree to Barrel we looked at the coopers art and the process that a cask goes through in its journey from tree to being ready to mature whisky, rum, and all the things we love.  But what what about the wood itself, how does the type of […]…Read more

Making whisky is all about the barrel right?

Got Wood? In parts 1, 2, & 3 of our blog series we looked at the history of distilling, the shapes of stills, and the importance of copper, but today we’ll be shifting focus to look at the humble oak barrel and its significance in the production of whisky. Barrels are a curious invention.  When […]…Read more

How copper influences the flavour of whisky 

Copper, it’s all about the shinny shinny copper  In Part 2: Whisky stills, is it about the size, or how you use it?  We looked at how the size and shape of a still as well as how it’s used can all affect the character of the spirit it produces.  This time we’ll be talking […]…Read more