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Crafting the Cask – Coopering from Tree to Barrel

Last time in Making whisky is all about the barrel right? we looked at the utility of barrels and why they’re made of oak, today we will be examining the coopers art and the process that a cask goes through in its journey from tree to being ready to mature whisky, rum, and all the things […]…Read more

Making whisky is all about the barrel right?

Got Wood? In parts 1, 2, & 3 of our blog series we looked at the history of distilling, the shapes of stills, and the importance of copper, but today we’ll be shifting focus to look at the humble oak barrel and its significance in the production of whisky. Barrels are a curious invention.  When […]…Read more

How copper influences the flavour of whisky 

Copper, it’s all about the shinny shinny copper  In Part 2: Whisky stills, is it about the size, or how you use it?  We looked at how the size and shape of a still as well as how it’s used can all affect the character of the spirit it produces.  This time we’ll be talking […]…Read more

Whisky stills, Is it about the size, or how you use it?

Why Marcellus Wallace doesn’t look like a bitch In part 1: the origins of distilling we talked about the origins of stills (I know, crazy right?).  Today we’re going to be focussing on how the size and shape of a still can affect its performance, and despite what your significant other might keep telling you, in this […]…Read more

The origins of distilling

Marcellus Wallace and his roots in the origins of distilling Our new still, Marcellus Wallace, entered our lives in February 2018 taking his place as the heart of our distillery, but his pedigree dates back much further than Deviant Distillery, further back than the invention of sliced bread, even further back than Madonna’s first album.  […]…Read more

Deviant Craft Series: Edward Karr’s Modern Espresso

I grew up in small mountain town in the south west of Colorado called Creede. The town itself is only about 300 people, at an altitude of about 3000 metres. In Creede we say we’re  “a drinking town with a small mountain problem” rather than “a small mountain town with a drinking problem.” The famous […]…Read more

Cocktail Recipe: Penicillin

Don’t be fooled by its title, this drink is great at events and over summer BBQs. This is Deviant’s take on the cocktail recipe from Sam Ross. It’s cool and refreshing with just enough bite to keep you wanting more. What you’ll need 15ml Anthology Single Malt Spirit 30ml Peated Ginger Liqueur 15ml honey 30ml […]…Read more

Cocktail Recipe: Miss Molly

Miss Molly, like your favourite teacher who always wore mismatching outfits. Who would’ve thought these ingredients go together? We didn’t, but turns out we were wrong. What you’ll need 45ml Anthology Zero or any new malt (clear) Anthology 30ml lime juice 30ml elderflower A sprig of mint A few inches of rhubarb Soda water Smash […]…Read more

Cocktail Recipe: Old Deviant

Inspired by that ‘ole deviant uncle in every family. You know the one—he blames his farts on the dog and gives you an empty bottle of whisky for Christmas because he accidentally drank it all. We’ll cheers to him with what’s left. What you’ll need 30ml Anthology Two or Four or any dark Anthology series […]…Read more

Cocktail Recipe: Summertime Swing

Whether you’re playing backyard cricket, having a barbie or staying indoors for some odd reason (like trying to maintain a pallid goth complexion), summer isn’t complete without this delicious fruity cocktail. It feels as good as a mullet must feel flapping in the breeze. What you’ll need 30ml Anthology Zero or Three or any new […]…Read more