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Anthology Series Five


Series Five is a balanced dark spirit made from Scottish origin peated barley, which we age using second fill American oak apera cask (Australian sherry). This could be a special drink for a special occasion, but we figured – what the hell. #YOLO right?

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We use a rich and oily Scottish origin peated barley and pair it with a second fill American Oak apera cask. The pairing brings out the subtle sweetness of the matured American oak and a gentle hazelnut and almond from the apera which fade delicately into a smoky haze of balanced peat.

This is excellent served straight or enjoyed in an Old Deviant cocktail.

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Mellow and well balanced

Old Deviant

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Our distilling technology creates the flavour of a 10-year-old whisky in just 10 weeks. The same bold taste without the BS–so you can have your cocktail and drink it too.

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