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Anthology Series Twenty


Series Twenty is a bold, rich, & smoky single malt spirit crafted from Australian and Scottish malt barley and aged using ex PX sherry casks. It’s sweety and peaty and best enjoyed as part of sweat, smoky take on a spirit-driven cocktail.

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For Anthology Series Twenty we’ve crafted a peated malt using a blend of Scottish and Australian malt barley then aged it using ex PX sherry oak staves to create a bold, rich, & smoky expression with a bouquet of raisins, stewed fruits, plum and orange blossom on the nose, followed by a mild sweet palate and a bold smoke driven finish.

This spirit needs time to acclimatize, so it is best left to breathe for a few minutes before enjoying or serve as part of a sweat, smoky take on a spirit-driven cocktail like our sultry and sublime Sidekick.

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Rich, Smoky, & Fruity

Old Deviant

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