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Single Malt Whisky – Launch Edition Boxed Set


Somerset Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky First Release Launch Edition Boxed Set – heavily peated ex-Tasmanian brandy cask finished in ex-shiraz cask.

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Our first release of Somerset Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky is a heavily peated expression that was aged for just over 3 years in a 50 litre French oak ex-Tasmanian brandy cask then briefly finished in a 50 litre ex-shiraz cask.  This combined maturation produced a robust and full bodied whisky that balances sweetness with peat smoke in harmony.

This limited commemorative edition comprises just 20 of the 54 bottles in our first release and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity, a 50mL sample bottle and is presented in a hand crafted recycled Tasmanian Huon pine and hardwood box produced by the Burnie mens shed**.

As with all of our whiskies this release also comes with a full document of provenance detailing every step of the whiskies production from brewing to maturation.

Our first release is of Tasmanian Single Malt is a whisky that made with intent and it’s journey is intrinsically intertwined with our own journey as a distillery.  If you’d like to learn more you can read all about how and why we made it by clicking here.

**These boxes are crafted from a selection of recycled and reclaimed Huon pine, Tasmanian Myrtle, and Tasmanian Blackwood.  Each box is made up of a mix of one or all of these timbers and as they are produced from recycled or reclaimed timber some joints or panels may not fit together perfectly.

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Smoke, Fruit, & Sweetness

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