We know that age is just a number but,


This is
our story

Matured by science

We like aged whisky as much as the next guy, but our barrel-aged whisky is still a few years away. Luckily our founder was an industrial chemist, so he invented a distilling technology that matures our spirit in weeks instead of years so that we can bring you something unique, special, & silky smooth in the meantime. Call us the Elon Musk of the whisky world.

Kind to mother earth

More than 200 million litres of whisky evaporates from barrels into thin air each year. That’s nearly $10 billion worth. Think of how many Teslas you could buy. (We’ll wait.)

Our clean technology is carbon neutral, turns waste into electricity and saves 1 million litres of water every year. We’re on a path to become one of the world’s cleanest distilleries. Because YOLO MOFO.

Tassie born and bred

We’re Tassie-born dreamers, it’s what drove us to craft the finest damn spirits this side of the world. Adventure seekers, avocado eaters and Spotify addicts. While we’re innovative AF, we also remember the past. That’s why we brew our spirits and direct-fire our copper pot stills by hand. We’ve done the hard yards so you can sit back and enjoy a beverage like a goddamn boss.

We are deviant, and our story has just begun.

We are
John Hyslop
Founder and chief science guy
Caitlin Boyes
Business and relationship manager
Ivor Vaz
Head of marketing and creative
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