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Deviant Distillery launches ‘Deviant Initiative for Creative Kinds’

On the heels of its launch last month, Deviant Distillery has announced Deviant Initiative for Creative Kinds (DICK), a campaign that supports budding local artists by providing free Deviant spirits for their exhibitions. “Artists feel a lot of pressure to create great work and arouse interest in it”, says John Hyslop, the founder of Deviant […]…Read more

Deviant Distillery talks science of fast-ageing whisky on ABC Radio

If you missed our interview on the ABC radio last week, here’s Dr Chris Thompson explaining the science behind ageing whisky and John Hyslop talking about Deviant Distillery with Sarah Gillman. Pour yourself a glass and turn up the volume. Need a top-up, get some here….Read more

Deviant Distillery and the right chemistry

Over the past few years the whisky-drinking world has been introduced to several new products that claim to produce high-quality liquor in just a fraction of the time usually required to age single malt spirits. Instead of maturing the whisky for a decade or more in oak barrels, some distillers say they can replicate the […]…Read more

Concrete Playground: Feature

A Tasmanian distiller by the name of John Hyslop has created a Willy Wonka version of the mighty whisky. The newly established Deviant Distillery has just released Anthology, a drop they claim tastes like a ten-year-old spirit, yet was made in just ten weeks. Hyslop achieved this wonder by studying what happens when you place whisky in […]…Read more

Not set out to destroy the whisky industry!

John Hyslop would like it to be known that he has not set out to destroy the Tasmanian whisky industry. In fact he is a big fan of Tasmanian whisky, having worked for a year at a well known Tasmanian distillery…Read more

Interview: Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show

We dropped into the Big Screen Small Screen studio to have a chat on their weekly show….Read more

Auspost Pitchfest Coverage

Think you know everything about John Hyslop, chief science guy at Deviant? Here’s a decent roundup from the Pitchfest in 2017….Read more

Deviant in The Mercury

A Sandy Bay businessman with expertise in industrial chemistry has devised a way to create the equivalent of a 10-year-old whisky in just 10 weeks.
And his idea has won him a $5000 entrepreneur’s prize….Read more

Talking about quality and rapid ageing with The Spirits Business

John Hyslop is currently running a small pilot plant with a 50-litre still to “establish proof of concept” for his technology….Read more

Deviant at the Hobart Twilight Market

We encountered some deadset legends at the Hobart Twilight Market during our first week. With positive feedback and the right attitude, we sold out in under 90 minutes. Check out the video above! If you missed us or just want some more, come along on any of these dates: 20 October 3 November 17 November […]…Read more