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Cocktail Recipe: Summertime Swing

Whether you’re playing backyard cricket, having a barbie or staying indoors for some odd reason (like trying to maintain a pallid goth complexion), summer isn’t complete without this delicious fruity cocktail. It feels as good as a mullet must feel flapping in the breeze.

What you’ll need
30ml Anthology Zero or Three or any new malt (clear) Anthology
30ml lime juice
15ml peach liqueur
3 juicy strawberries
Soda water
Lime wedges

Combine Anthology Zero, lime juice, peach liqueur and muddled strawberries. Shake over ice and strain into a tall glass. Add soda water to taste and garnish with lime wedges. Stir and serve.

Muddle strawberries, add Anthology, lime juice, & peach liqueur and shake over ice. Strain into tall glass, add lime wedges and soda to fill/to taste, stir and serve.

Soothing, sweet, glorious